Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I hate David's Bridal.

Let's just get something straight. I guess I don't hate DB for the product they are selling, but rather for what they make the employees do. I have five bridesmaids, and decided that I wanted them all to wear the same color, different dress. They all have totally different body shapes, and I personally don't like the matchy-matchy BM dresses that have been the trend for so long. Even though this is my wedding, I wanted everyone to be able to show their personalities through choosing their own dress.

When I was at the store the other day with my cousin (she is the last BM that needed to pick out her dress) we "checked in" and were told to wait for our consultant to come up. It was a little busy, and I knew exactly the dresses I wanted her to try on, so I asked if we could go look at the dresses while they were figuring things out. The woman told me that is not the way they do things. Since this was literally the fifth time I've been in DB, I said to the woman (as nice as possible), "We really don't need anyone to show us anything, this is my fifth and final bridesmaid to choose a dress. We will just need someone to open a room for us." The woman was almost arguing with me about how they do things, when I just wanted to pull a few dresses to have my cousin try them on! So... a consultant finally came up, it took two minutes to pull the dresses, and we were in a room. Was it really that hard that we couldn't do it ourselves? I hate how they follow you around and watch you try on things... tell you how "great!" you look in everything. Now people, don't tell someone they look good in something if they don't. Help them find something more flattering, don't just try and sell something!

On a more positive note, does have a fun tool where you can dress your bridal party. You can pick your face, skin tone, hair, dress, and accessories. Here is my virtual bridal party... well, the ladies anyway.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A new beginning.

This is something new for me, this whole blogging thing. Right now I want to blog about my wedding planning, and possibly in the future I want to do some ceative business blogging. I cannot find a Minnesota wedding planning blog, so I'm starting one on my own!