Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've thought long and hard about tuxes, and I think we have decided on gray. Since I originally planned a spring/summer wedding, and then moved it back because one of my many sisters told us she was pregnant (and would be about to pop when I wanted to wed...) we are now working with a September wedding. (Which is fine with me, and I am a fabulous sister to move it back, aren't I?) Since the weather will still be nice, and the bridesmaid's are wearing dark, I wanted the guys to be not so dark. I didn't want it to feel like a fall or winter wedding. September is still summer to me, and I think it will work great. This is what we are working with so far...

The vest matches the tux, and I love that! No offense to anyone who likes this, but I hate colored vests like prom from 1998. My groom will either wear a white tie while the groomsmen wear a solid purple, or I might find a purple stripe that he can wear, and continue to wear after the wedding. This would be one of the many "gifts" I give to him on our wedding day. What do you think about the gray tuxes? This one is a Calvin Klein "Legend" from Saavi Formalwear.

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